Aim & Background

On November 2014, The United Eritrean Democratic Front (UEDF) affirmed its legal and legitimate standing and took stock of the elements of its goals, objectives, and capacities. These are critical for a coherent and coordinated action in the struggle for putting a terminal end to the plight of our people. Ever since then, UEDF continues to strengthen itself by reinforcing the broad parameters that would enable it to assume its fighting duties now, and augment its institutional responsibilities after the demise of the dictator. The requisite tactical and strategic challenges for accomplishing our overarching goals require us to identify the fundamental nature of the challenge. Affirming legal and legitimate standings are not an end in themselves. Taking these into consideration, UEDF has clarified its visions and charted its agenda for expediting a victorious dispensation to redeem our Country and rescue our people from the grip of the worst dictatorship on earth. The challenges are monumental, but UEDF as a Front has cleared the path for fulfilling the essential objectives. These objectives are formulated to integrate the challenges of today and clearly articulate the strategic visions for the future. UEDF is fully prepared to harmonizing its priorities and make them adaptive to the fluidities of the struggle. Irrespective of challenges and uncertainties, UEDF is confident of its resiliency to maintain the vigil and meet the challenges for providing comprehensive solutions.     

In our first rules of engagements, we began by establishing secure means for coordination of action with our domestic forces who are battling the lawless Eritrean regime. The celebrated result of such a coordination are the recent communiqués we shared with the Eritrean public at home and abroad. In those communiques, we detailing our victories against the regime’s intelligence units. Our forces scored unmistakable victories. These victories are not to be taken lightly. They bear the testimonies of our patriotic nationals at the home front who courageously affirmed the validity of the accomplishments, and then defined the outcomes in their objective and realistic assessments of the results. The victorious role of our nationals in coordinating with us for effective actions is encouraging and worthy of high praises.

   We are confident in securing the grounds gained and augmenting the momentum of our victories. To enhance the inclusive values of our faith, confidence, and dedicated struggles, we realize that our objectives must be based on the popular will of our long suffering people. Our struggle is their struggle; our visions are their aspirations, and we realize our efforts are meaningless without their countenance and confidence in the high ideals of our objectives.

In tandem with our steadfast struggle and earnest pledge, we realize that any struggle that sidesteps the Eritrean people’s participation will be for naught. In order to enhance our people’s participation, we repeat our earlier calls on all Eritreans of good will to join us in these worthy causes. Already some conscious and patriotic Eritreans have joined us in sacrificing, time, energy, monetary and in-kind resources to add to the much needed leverage and highlight the meaningful values to our struggle. Their historic contributions are acknowledged in our praise for their selflessness. 


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